Summit Hill Association

Summit Hill Association (SHA) is the nonprofit District 16 Planning Council of Saint Paul. SHA is part of the larger Saint Paul Planning Council system that serves as a liaison between the neighborhood and the various city departments and entities. SHA approached us to redesign their website with a seamless CMS, integrated social media, and an updated design among the goals of the project. We needed to develop a website focused on engaging residents and business owners within the district to participate in the council’s efforts to advocate on their behalf. View Live Site >


One of the challenges SHA had been facing was the lack of a cohesive brand, resulting in a wide disparity between their online presence and various print materials. Therefore, we were given creative freedom to develop a typekit, color scheme, wordmark, icons, and illustrative styles for the site. The final responsive website achieves a warm balance between promoting participation and highlighting accomplishments that have benefited the neighborhood.


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