St. Paul Smart Trips

St. Paul Smart Trips is a nonprofit that promotes and educates the public on sustainable transportation options. They also work toward development and zoning that provides more public transit use, biking, and walking. Smart Trips approached us for a website redesign that required a major overhaul of content, ux, and design. The public didn’t understand the purpose of Smart Trips and site visitors were a mix of those trying to plan a trip, find parking, and figure out what the organization was. View Live Site >


Smart Trips wanted the site to become a dynamic tool for encouraging users to change their daily behavior and take smarter trips. In order to meet this goal, we worked closely with their staff to formulate a comprehensive strategy for creating the site. The user interface we created expanded upon their existing branding with a new color scheme and revamped illustrations. The final product consists of more than sixty pages in a single WordPress installation that gives the Smart Trips staff the power to maintain their own content.


“We really felt listened to, the Saint Paul Media team was able to take ideas from everyone involved and make a beautiful and easy to use site. We didn’t just pass off some ideas and get a site in return, our team was a part of the planning, design and building the site from the start. They also kept us on track, met all of their deadlines and kept us calm through the process. All-in-all Saint Paul Media didn’t just meet, but flew by all of our expectations.”

-Damian Goebel, St. Paul Smart-Trips Marketing Director

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