Spectrum Financial Group

Spectrum Financial needed a friendly, inviting brand and website that would connect with their female clientele. After exploring many potential design directions the hummingbird was chosen. Hummingbirds take a 3,000 mile journey each way during their migration from Central America up into North America. The little bird symbolizes great courage and determination while simultaneously being approachable and relatable.

Preliminary Ideations

Spectrum needed two logos that could work together or stand alone. The primary logo we created, the hummingbird, is for the public-facing, client side of their business. The second logo, shown on the right, is used for Third Party Administration. The circle is less feminine but still depicts an abstraction of the hummingbird’s wings.

We felt fortunate to have the opportunity to take risks and be bold with our design choices in this project. Typically financial advisors stick to stock photography of happy families and retirees fishing and/or photos of their staff. This is a safe industry standard but it’s not particularly memorable. Spectrum wanted something completely original that would feel welcoming to potential clients. Original, hand-drawn illustrations were paired with watercolors to highlight the services and calls to action. Like Spectrum, the design is disarming and inviting.

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