Saint Paul Winter Carnival

A city tradition since 1886, today, the Winter Carnival continues to be a community favorite full of cultural and educational programming, contests, and activities. The new website needed to support and enhance the Winter Carnival tradition by focusing on its site visitors, including those who wish to book a trip to Saint Paul, city residents who enjoy the carnival year after year, volunteers, and potential sponsors and donors who help fund the festivities. View Live Site >


We collaborated with Saint Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation to simplify the navigation and site structure, making usability more intuitive and enjoyable. After discovering the carnival’s rich collection of photographs from past years, it became obvious that the focus of the site visuals should be the photography because the carnival is all about the people. A refined color palette, font families that are both modern and whimsical, snowflake icons, a herringbone sweater pattern, and subtle snowy background were all part of the new site’s style guide. Clear, succinct navigation paired with appealing calls to action makes the user experience effortless. The site was built in the WordPress CMS, henceforth supporting flexibility, a robust calendar plugin, a straightforward form-builder, and continued growth. Overall, the new site focuses on what makes the carnival so enjoyable: the people.


“I appreciated the process that Saint Paul Media used to allow us to determine and narrow down what we were looking for in our website. We had ideas, but through Saint Paul Media’s creative process, we were able to build consensus among our team about design, color, navigation and photo elements. We now have a beautiful, responsive website site that allows our customers to find information on events, visitor information, purchase items from our store and more. Everything was handled in a timely, professional manner and we ended up with a product that represents our organization extremely well.”

-Rosanne Bump, Saint Paul Winter Carnival President and CEO

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