Networking Rural Thailand

NRT is a nonprofit organization founded by Saint Paul Media owner Jonathan Hatch in 2010. NRT provides computers to schools in rural Thai communities and teaches faculty and students how to use them. The organization also helps children improve English language skills to help them explore their world and communicate with it meaningfully. NRT needed branding and an online presence—both essential for fundraising and recruiting volunteers. The challenge of this project was creating a culturally conscious design that would appeal to both American and Thai audiences. View Live Site >


The logo is a circle of intertwining pieces with no clear beginning or end. Circles are globally recognized as symbols of unity, wholeness, and infinity. This particular circle was created as a representation of computer wires, a globe, and a Thai game called takraw—a mix of football, gymnastics, volleyball, and Kung-Fu. It’s worth Googling. The logo’s interwoven pieces represent the interconnectivity of the world through technology and communication, which supports NRT’s goal to connect the children of rural Thailand with the world.

The color scheme further supports the cultural sensitivity of the brand. Purple and yellow are both associated with royalty in Thai culture. This particular shade of yellow is also the color of the children’s uniforms at Nonsomboon Primary School, the first school to receive a computer lab from NRT.


The website needed to be responsive to ensure donors and potential volunteers could access it from anywhere, anytime. All photography was done on site and is the focus of the user interface design. A mix of candid images gives the viewer an unfiltered glimpse into the lives of rural Thai children.


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