MAP for Nonprofits

MAP for Nonprofits offers consulting and training for nonprofit, social enterprises and philanthropic organizations. Our challenge was to create a website that embraced MAP’s vibrant, fun rebrand while remaining professional and usable for a diverse audience. View Live Site >


Content strategy was the key to the success of the new site. Restructuring the site’s content was an important first step, making it easier for users to navigate the many services MAP has to offer. Armed with the new site structure, we confidently focused on the user interface. The compass rose motif was the core of MAP’s new logo and we wanted to continue their “navigating for mission” theme throughout the website. Several directions were explored before deciding that a subtle map-inspired design would be implemented. Symbols were created for the primary navigation as well as key secondary navigational items and a topographic background was implemented throughout the site’s headers and footers.


According to MAP’s analytics, the average number of pages viewed per visit is up 20% and the average time spent on the site is up 24% the first year after the new site launch. These measurable results indicate that the website not only strikes the balance between formal and fun but has proven to be a rewarding investment for MAP.


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