Global Minnesota

Global Minnesota, formerly known as the Minnesota International Center (MIC), is an organization that gives Minnesotans the chance to engage and discuss international issues, foreign policy, and culture through a unique lineup of programs. After 60 years of MIC, it was time for an identity that better reflected what they do and those they inspire. Our challenge: designing a website that draws a wide range of ages and demographics, engages supporters, and demonstrates Global Minnesota’s impact.

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User experience for this project was an exciting challenge. Through workshops with Global Minnesota staff as well as usability testing, we created a user-centered hierarchy.

The site’s target audiences included college students, young as well as experienced business professionals, primary school educators, international professional exchange visitors, current members, and pretty much any Minnesotan interested in global topics. Few users would have a full understanding of the large variety of programs Global Minnesota offers. We needed them to be able to get where they needed to go quickly but also encourage them to explore the site, become members, attend events, etc.

“Saint Paul Media was exceptional to work with! We greatly valued their thoughtful approach to our website redesign, which balanced aesthetics with functionality. They use a well curated process, which helped us organize and present information to better reach end users on a variety of platforms. And they brought to the table a wealth of knowledge to ensure our project met organizational goals and budgets as well as the technological demands of the online world. We’ve been extremely pleased with our new website and continue to receive positive feedback on it.”

Maria Paik, Marketing Communications Manager | Global Minnesota

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