Created as a class project in 2004 by Jonathan Hatch, Get Rid of Things marked the beginning of Saint Paul Media. This online publication has since grown into a comprehensive catalog of well-written, entertaining, instructional articles. Thoroughly researched, SEO-conscious writing laced with a bit of good humor helps any user answer the question, “How do I get rid of [fill in the blank]?” . . . fast. View Live Site >


Get Rid of Things underwent a major rebrand in 2013. With this came the introduction of a new friend, Rorschach the octopus. Nicknamed Rory, the spunky cephalopod often appears in popular articles to illustrate the problem at hand. By the end of the article, Rory has taken the advice of our writer and gotten rid of whatever ailed him.

We created a visual tool kit to support our mischievous, yet loveable, Rory throughout the new site. The responsive redesign is bolder and more fun than your average online publication, a reflection of our humorous writers and originality of content.


Get Rid of Things has seen up to 120,000 visitors per day with most users reaching the site through organic search results. Get Rid of Things continues to be an ongoing Saint Paul Media publication featuring articles and blogs written with love and care by our team of content developers.

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